WordPress Support FAQ

These are some of the most common WordPress Support frequently asked questions that people have when they are trying to find someone to help them.

We live and work in Louisville, KY in the United States. More info about who we are.

We know that trust builds over time and in our business the strongest trust comes from mutual connections we share or by us having several conversations with you to learn more about your business and needs.

It really depends on where you are in your project and what your needs are.  The best way for us to advise you is by connecting with us by phone or email and from there we can guide you better.

Ding ding ding that’s the number one question everyone has and the answer is that it all depends on what you need. Once we learn more about that we can provide you with a basic estimate of cost and time. 

Great question! 

Anything you have regarding your current website address/URL (if you have an existing website), what you are wanting done, any challenges you are having, how quickly you need help, etc.

In general, anything you can tell us about your current situation and needs will help us get you an answer the quickest.

Not at this time, but we might know some friends in the industry who can help.  Send us an email with what you are needing and we will let you know.

Maybe. In many cases we can get in an repair what has been compromised but sometimes a website is beyond repair and we have to start over.

We highly advise frequent backups and a good security protocol for even the most basic of websites.

Generally anywhere from 1 hour to many weeks.

We realize that doesn’t narrow things down for you, but it really all depends if you need the simplest of changes or whether you are wanting to build a new website.